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4shared Mobile for Blackberry
is a convenient application for Blackberry smartphones, which enables the user to access his/her 4shared account anytime and anywhere, it's needed, directly from one's phone.

General Questions

What is 4shared Mobile for Blakcberry

4shared Mobile for Blakcberry is an easy-to-use mobile application, which allows the user to get immediate access to his/her 4shared account from the Blackberry smartphone, manage it and share any files, in case it's necessary.

Which phone should I have to use 4shared Mobile for Blackberry

4shared Mobile for Blackberry is, in fact, compatible with ALL Blackberry smartphones.

How can I start using 4shared Mobile for Blackberry

You only need to download and install 4shared Mobile for Blackberry on your Blackberry smartphone to start using it and get access to your 4shared account.


Main Menu

The main menu of 4shared Mobile for Blackberry includes a number of useful functions for users.

"Capture It"

"Capture It" function enables you to take screenshots of your Blackberry phone screen, store them on your phone and upload them to your 4shared account if you wish to.

"File Upload"

You can easily upload any files directly to your 4shared account from your smartphone with 4shared Mobile for Blacbberry.

All you should do is to:

1. Log in 4shared.com via 4shared Mobile for Blackberry.

2. Press "Upload files".

3. Select either the phone memory, or the memmory card to upload files from.

4. Select files, which you wish to upload.

5.Press "Upload".


"Refresh" funtion in 4shared Mobile for Blackberry enables to refresh the page (its contents, settings, etc.)

"Move to"

A "Move to" option in 4shared Mobile for Blackberry allows the user to move certain files to the predefined destination (e.g. particular folder).


"Rename" function in 4shared Mobile for Blackberry makes it virtually simple to rename any file or folder by choosing "Rename" in the menu.

The only thing needed is to enter the new name and click "Save".

"Create folder"

You can create as many folders as you wish, to manage the files and folders and your 4shared account with 4shared Mobile for Blackberry.

To create a folder, you should select a "Create folder" option from the menu.


Any file or folder can be deleted with a few clicks:

1. Select a file/folder.

2. Select "Delete" from the menu.

3. Confirm the deletion.

"Log off"

If you wish to log off 4shared Mobile for Blackberry, you should select "Log off" option from the main menu.

"About 4shared"

If you wish to peruse the info about 4shared company, you can do it, simply by clicking "About 4shared" in the main menu of 4shared Mobile for Blackberry.


To exit 4shared Mobile for Blackberry, just press "Exit" in the main menu.

"Switch Application"

It's very easy to switch from 4shared Mobile Blackberry to any other app on your Blackberry smartphone.

Just, choose "Switch Application" option from the menu and pick the app, you would like to switch to.

"Search" Menu

The menu of the page with search results includes a number of options, which can be selected by the user.

"Capture It"

"Capture It" option provides you with an opportunity to take screenshots of your Blackberry phone screen with the search results list.

"Add to My Acccount"

Any file from the search results list can be added to your 4shared account.

To do this:

1. Select the file.

2. Choose "Add to My Account" option from the menu.

"Report Abuse"

If you have noticed, that a particular file/files is violating 4shared Terms of Use or contains illegal content, please, select "Report Abuse" option from the menu, so that the file will be blocked.


You can select "Search" option from the menu to search for any files at 4shared.

"Switch Application"

You can switch to any other app in your Blackberry phone right in the menu, which can be accessed in the search results list.

Just choose "Switch Application" option.

"Favorites" Menu

You can open, synchronize or remove files from your "Favorites" folder in your phone memory right in the "Favorites" Menu of your 4shared Mobile for Blackberry.

"Capture It"

It's possible to take screenshots of your Blackberry phone screen and store them in your "Favorites" folder.

To take a screenshot, select "Capture It" function in the menu.


You can open and browse any files in your "Favorites" folder by selecting "Open" option in the menu.


It's possible to synchronize files in your Blackberry phone and your 4shared account.

To check, whether all files are synchronized, or not, and synchronize all files, which haven't been synchronized before, select "Synchronize" option in the menu.


You can remove any files from your "Favorites" folder, whenever you wish to.

To do this:

1. Select a file, you would like to remove.

2. Choose "Remove" from the menu.