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4shared Music for Android
is an easy-to-use application for Android smartphones, which enables you to find and stream music on the phone directly from 4shared.

General Questions

What is 4shared Music for Android

4shared Music for Android is a convenient application for Android smartphones, which provides you with instant access to music at 4shared.com and stream it directly on your phone.

Which phone should I have to use 4shared Music for Android

4shared Music for Android is compatible with any smartphone, which has 2.1 version Android OS or higher.

How can I start using 4shared Music for Android

You only need to download and install 4shared Music for Android on your Android smartphone to start using it and get access to your 4shared account.


How to search for music

To search for music via 4shared Music for Android is very simple:

1. Log in your 4shared account.

2. Use "Search" menu to find any needed tracks. You can enter any keyword, like the name of the track, the artist's name, for instance.

3. Select the track, you wish to stream, and click on it.

4. Enjoy streaming your favorite music.

How to stream music

As long as you have found the desirable tracks, you can easily stream them directly on your Android device.

Select the track, you wish to listen to, from the list and click on it. It will start playing automatically.

You can also select the particular playlist to stream - just press "Playlists" button in the player.

Play Modes

You can choose between several play modes in the player. These are:

1. Simple mode - you stream the track, and music stops playing, when it's finished.

2. "Repeat" mode - the selected track/tracks will stream repeatedly.

3. "Shuffle" mode - the tracks in the playlist will be shuffled, while streamed.

How to create playlists

Having found the music, you have been searching for, you can create playlists in order to stream your favorite music only, whenever you wish to.

To create a playlist:

1. Press on the music file and hold, till the menu appears.

2.In the appearing menu press "Add to playlist".

3. Now, you can either:

- add the track to the current playlist - then, press "Current playlist", or

-create the new playlist and add this track to it - then, choose "New".

4. If you are creating the new playlist, enter its name and press "Save".

The playlist will be automatically saved in your 4shared account. Whenever you log in 4shared Music in future, the list of your playlists will appear on the screen.

How to manage playlists

1. 4shared Music for Android comprises "Manage your playlists" function, which enables you to play, edit, rename and delete the created playlists.

2. All the created playlists are automatically stored at your 4shared account in a special folder "4music" with separate folders for each playlist.

Thus, you can easily manage both the playlists or the separate tracks within them in a way you want.